Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dev D

I'm not sure if i like this film or not. For starters it is way too long and could do with about an hour of editing! but the music! now the music on the other hand is quite fantastic! This is Amit Trivedi's big break! his first movie Aamir is not half as good as this one but it was the beginnings of something very interesting. He started of with a band called 'om' which did local gigs until the times discovered them. After that Trivedi went on to doing music for sitcoms and some small budget films. He has outdone himself in Dev D! unlike Rehman his sound is less clean, lots of scratches(which he does himself) harmonies etc. He has also got a whole lot of humour in his music which i love. Pardesi is great fun to listen to and watch(i love those male cabaret dancers) It keeps you on your toes throughout and if you listen to this song often enough and try singing along it also keeps everyone listening to you in splits. In an interview I read earlier he apparently keeps all his music raag based but I can't seem to hear it in the song yet.

Paayaliya was the first song i fell in love with. The tune sticks to the older bollywood love songs but he has added all these small quirks to it that make it sound really fresh. I love the way it starts but I'm not too sure about that orchestral bit in the middle. He can tend to get a little random but I like the way he flows and hope that he won't stop here!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Dragon

I think i mentioned 'scribbled paper' in the last little dragon article but I was listening to it again and i've realised that its quite, quite beautiful! I also just noticed this lovely instrumental bit in the song. Hinting at jazz at the same time quite lounge like. Their music tends to grow on you.
unfortunately their isn't a video!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prashaanth Davidson

Prashaanth's life was a quiet one. He was one of the best bass players in Bangalore and he was one of my closest friends.

There is a tribute to him tonight at B Flat and I am begging anyone in Bangalore to come for it. There is a great line up of local musicians and it is bound to be a great gig.

I've never really thought about dedicating this blog to anyone but now I know that this is one person whom i wish would have seen this.

I love you.