Thursday, September 27, 2012

The new address

So in an attempt to be fancy I have shifted this blog to a new address! Somewhere in the back of my mind an idea is brewing and hopefully by the end of this year I would have made some headway. Until then for more music and somewhat meaningless rants click below. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

save it for another day

“How are we so optimistic, so careful Not to trip and yet Do trip, and then get up and    say O.K.”
-Maira Kalman-
Sometimes thats all someone needs to know to shake it off and keep walking, but like every simple life changing quote its so much easier said than done. 
What I will do though is put off my brooding and all mind numbing decisions for another day. The weather is gorgeous and the day ahead will be too. 
Days like these call for Oscar + Martin. I'm not sure where I heard them first but this Indie pop group almost always hits the spot for me. Like the more forward thinking lot of their time they unabashedly slap together a whole range of different sounds and yet never really stray from the genre. Their first album For You is a great listen just because each song has a different sound. Surprisingly it all comes together at the end. So here it is, your catchy, left of center fix for today: Recognise by Oscar + Martin. Enjoy!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Does everyone have this feelings sometimes where they want to, for no logical reason sit on the floor and throw a tantrum of epic proportions? It doesn't matter if you did the exercise or if you spent the day out with fabulous company all you want to do is sit around and yell at no one in particular. 

Since I am not four anymore and getting away with these fits is harder I managed to find a playlist on 8tracks that suits the mood. Four songs in and I can feel the fit dissipate around me. It may sound a teensy bit weird but the music seems to throw my fit for me and calm me down all in the same session. Thank god for the daily jet!

28 tracks from bands like Gramatik, Pretty lights and Nujabes(you can see the tracklist here) lead to the perfect selection of chill/dubstep to make that awful feeling go away. 

Audio Adderall by The Daily Jet. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

irresponsible decisions

So I did it.
I quit a perfectly acceptable job to join music school. The good thing is I have passed the shock phase, the bad thing however is that I am now in the 'what the fuck were you thinking?' phase.

When I look back at all that I have dabbled in nothing made me happier than when Anhad, Thejasvi and I sat out under the trees and made music together.

I'm back in the balcony where not so long ago Anhad took out his guitar and we spent the evening mucking around and making music. I know its probably one of the more foolish decisions I've made but I'm happy and right now something tells me thats all that matters.

So here it is, something I haven't ever done before. Todays song is something Anhad and I made up on one of our many jam sessions. I found a rough recording in an old hard disk and hopefully someone enjoys it! Maybe someday we will actually sing this again, write lyrics down and make it an actual song but until then this is it in all its rough edged glory.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful Tango

I've figured out that there are certain advantages to having a flat tire. For instance you get to take a motorcycle taxi back home. It was the first time this whole monsoon that I got to really appreciate how beautiful Goa gets. Riding past the open fields and quaint bungalows I realised that Goa hasn't really moved since the 40's. Yes, there is the north but since I live closer to Panjim things seem like they've been caught in a time warp. 

Trawling through the soulkitchen archives I chanced upon Hindi Zahra a franco-moroccan singer with that perfect old school vibe. Sitting in one of the balconies at Venite looking out through the fairy lights onto the narrow street I knew that I had finally found my Goa song. 
Hindi Zahra presents Beautiful Tango:

Thursday, June 28, 2012


There are lots of cures to rain:
You could drown your woes in hot chocolate(this could get you wired) or alcohol(this just gets you depressed)
You could cuddle(I'm finding my pillow to be a passable alternative to an actual person, though I'm thinking it will pass soon)
You could play board games(don't scoff they are fun)
You could wake up to find that Little Dragon  has released their first single since their album Ritual Union last year. The song so aptly called Sunshine created in conjunction with Absolute for the absolute remix sessions confirms that the band hasn't lost their mojo. Beautifully layered with Yukimi Nagano's vocals bringing it all together make my day and a few days to come. Who says instant fixes aren't the answer?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I hear about this frog

You know sometimes for all the vast amount of cribbing I do I feel like I don’t deserve to find a song like this.

On the way to work today while I cribbed about hair fall haathi looked out of the window and said, “God I love Goa.”

Yes, the fields are now lakes, the sea is mucky brown but Goa is awake, its clean, fresh and beautiful. I thought about it a little and realized that I know no one that gets to ride through a forest and cross a river to get to work.

M83  presents Raconte-Moi Une Histoire. Ignore the video, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics.