Thursday, December 30, 2010

feeling good

My Grandma was here yesterday and for some beautiful reason she felt like giving me a present. I now am the proud owner of a Bose ipod dock. Apart from the fact that it has the most amazing sound quality I have ever heard in a dock it is sleek, beautiful and plain sexy.

My family and I spent the most part of the afternoon going between fiddling with the system and trying not to drool over it. My grandmother turned her hearing aid up for the occasion and watched, highly amused as we made complete idiots of ourselves. 
I am still breaking into giggling fits.

Of course there was the question of the first song. I'm very superstitious about what I play first on any new sound equipment. I feel as if it will give my sound system/headphones etc. character thus shaping the quality of the rest of the music played on it. 

The salesman tried playing an eagles song on it while testing the system and I threw quite the fit ( I also nearly assaulted him with the stapler) so he played me some flamenco instead. I am however going to be silly and not count it.

So, the first song I have ever played on my new sound system is: The mighty bop remix of the song 'feeling good' from the album 'Nu Jazz Vibrations'. This album is a two CD compilation that gathers together 40 of the best Nu Jazz tracks around. Nu Jazz mixes Jazz textures with Electronica/House music with a focus on the songs themselves (substance over style) and has been one of the fastest growing of Electronic genres for at least 10 years. This double CD compilation features tracks from Shazz, Chinese Man, Diana Krall, DJ Cam Quartet, Michael Buble, Sarah Vaughan and Jill Scott and has been on repeat in my ipod for the longest time. It is at present, my favourite album and there isn't a song on it that I don't like. This album is a bit like the perfect jacket, It's warm and looks good on every occasion. You can listen to this album while working/cooking/lying around at home or you could put it on when you have guests over and suddenly everything is posh.

Apart from the lyrics being apt the song has a great groove to it. You can put it on and go about your day feeling great and looking fabulous(songs do that to you sometimes) enjoy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Me'shell NdegeOcello and lemunty

I follow Lemunty religiously and today i found that she put up an article on neo soul a little while ago and the artists she's been discovering(click the link for the article, it has a great playlist attached to the end as well) 

 The artist that caught my eye however was Me'shell NdegeOcello. A little less than a month back a friend I like to call starfish introduced me to her. We were talking about all the music he sent me when I was younger and then realised that he hadn't included Me'shell. After a lot of "I can't believe this" and "you're lying! of course I introduced you to her"
he pulled out an old cd and put it on. Her husky sensuous voice filled the little room, I found myself closing my eyes and letting the music take over. It was hot, sexy, and covered in honey. Her raw energy transports you to places inside you that you never knew existed. I could go on forever so I'm going to stop and say that she is fantastic so take some time off and listen.

Starfish was online while I wrote this so we tried to come up with some of her songs to put up. The list grew to encompass nearly everything she's sung(which is a little hard to put on a blog) so here's the edited version. They aren't favourites but I can't seem to find a lot of her music on youtube. My apologies. This first song "come smoke my herb", however is what got me hooked.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jamie lidell

A friend I like to call boo is ecstatic today. She's been bouncing all day, someone is finally coming home. Mid bounce she asked for a happy song so here it is.

I first heard 'A little bit of feel good' sung by a band called 'Something a la mode'. Its one of those songs I listen to when I need that little push 'to get me through my day'. It's a great song and I don't know anyone i've played to who hasn't started smiling. The only bad thing about it was that just when you began to feel it the song stops. It is just too short!

When I tried searching for the song on youtube I found this version by Jamie Lidell. It's just fantastic! It is also long enough for that feel good to creep in all the way. Thankfully this video is just great(completely ridiculous and a little morbid,giggle)

Here's to you boo
'please don't make my feel good go away'

Broken Social Scene

I mentioned this band in my earlier post and when I looked back I realised that I haven't mentioned this song before. I've forgotten who introduced me to it but I went through a rather serious phase where I played it almost obsessively.

Anthem for a 17 year old is a simple song. I don't know if its the quality of her voice or the tune but something about it got me hooked and I have been ever since. It is a little strange however that I haven't actually made an effort to listen to any of their other songs(something I intend to do now)

I'm sorry about the video though it does not do the song any justice. In second year of college we did a film course where we had a five shot exercise to do. Two friends and I decided to use this song as our soundtrack; After trawling through all the nonsense on youtube I think our film might actually be the best of the lot(sorry, but I'm extremely proud of it.) It is somewhere on top in the crap video category. I am going to ask if I can put it up but until then:enjoy!


So my brother and I have had a history of rather vicious fights on music but there are these rare and rather beautiful moments where we have actually agreed on some bands/songs. It's happening a lot nowadays which is a little disturbing so here's one of them

Metric is a canadian band it consists of vocalist Emily Haines (who also plays the synthesizer and guitar), guitarist James Shaw (who also plays thetheremin), bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key. Haines and Shaw also perform with Broken Social Scene, another band I love. 

The song 'help I'm alive' is from their latest album 'fantasies'. Brother dearest introduced me to the original version on youtube but when I downloaded it I got the acoustic version. They're both great so I'm putting up both versions. They also sound like two very different songs!

For all you grey's anatomy fans their music features every so often. The song 'all yours' from the film 'eclipse'(yes, one of the twilight films and probably the best bit about it) is also theirs. enjoy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The xx

They're a fabulous band make for easy listening, thanks Ria.
The song is called vcr from the album xx. I've listened to the whole thing and haven't found a song I don't like. Enjoy!

I've put up something by Florence and the machine earlier so this is a remix i found by the xx's. It's a remixed version of you've got the love and I think I like it better than the original song.

p.s: I'd like to dedicate the first song to 'wife', the lyrics remind me of rishi konda cement no one quite understood it like we did. The lyrics seem apt
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