Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holly Miranda

Forty eight hours and four cups of coffee later I am sitting in bed trying to focus.This results in me wandering around my room with a slightly manic expression trawling the internet for some interesting music hoping it might calm me down.

Finally I stumbled on Holly Miranda singing for the black cab sessions. When I realised this was a cover of the song Ex factor by Lauryn Hill I was both Impressed and a little shocked. Thankfully she added her own twist to it, giving the song a different life.

Interesting voices always excite me and hers is beyond doubt one of the most interesting I have heard in a while. enjoy.

A little about the black cab sessions: A series of one song performances by musicians and poets performed at the back of a hackney cab in london. The music is filmed and recorded for an internet audience.

The Black Cab Sessions were conceived by Jono Stevens and produced as a partnership between Hidden Fruit (Gen Stevens and Chris Pattinson) and Just So Films (Jonny Madderson and Will Evans).
One of the producers reports that about 10 percent of the cab drivers approached by the producers turns them down, thinking that the idea is weird, but that those who do participate enjoy it.
Filming of the Black Cab Sessions began in May, 2007 and is ongoing.

"one song, one take, one cab"

holly miranda from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

I am also putting up a live version of Lauryn Hill singing the same song. It's just so beautiful I couldn't resist. A post on her will come soonish. Enjoy!

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