Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ben Howard

When you find something like the black cab sessions you think that nothing could possibly get better than this and just as you are starting to get the itch you find watchlistentell and your hope in the world is once again restored.

Like the black cab sessions Watchlistentell is a youtube channel that films musicians live. The sound quality is a lot better and though there are a few overlaps this channel has some brilliant performances by bands like Dark Dark Dark, Lissie, Lucy rose, Ok Go and of course their latest addition Ben Howard.

Combine the vocals of Jose Gonzales with the sharp guitar slapping melodies you probably first heard in August Rush and you have Ben Howard. Its subtle, interesting and of course the ideal kind of sound for a rainy day.

After a short stint in journalism, Ben decided to focus on making music full time, making melodic rootsy folk music, with progressively darker lyrics. He began to build up a reputation not just around Devon, but elsewhere in the UK as well. After a month of sold out dates across Europe and the UK Ben was eventually asked to sign to Island Records. With singles Like Old Pine and Wolves released earlier this year he set to release his album sometime in October.

As usual I think the acoustic version is much better than the original so this is from Watchlistentell. The song is called Old Pine. The bit when the cello kicks in is just beautiful! Enjoy

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