Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A long silence

These past few months have just been so completely hectic that I haven't had time to post anything. I do however regret having ever not continued this blog. Sorry about that.

Its been a time of disappointment and happiness a lot of my favourite musicians have released new albums(most of them very bad) and I've been trying to keep in touch.

Gorillaz launched their new album Empire ants in march this year and was conceived from an unfinished Gorillaz project called Carousel.  It features guest appearances by several artists, including Snoop DoggGruff RhysBobby WomackMos DefLou ReedMick Jones, and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I'm not sure if I like this album but what caught my eye was a song featuring Little Dragon. I've mentioned the band earlier and love their music. One can essentially put this song into two parts; the latter being the more exciting bit. I can't put my finger on it but there is something about this song that I really like! What I'm asking is for you to listen to it before making up your mind.

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