Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding Frank

A few days ago I went over to a friends place to listen to his newest addition to his record collection. An album called Frank by Amy Winehouse. I was never a big fan of her music and maybe that's because I never seemed to get passed the most popular tracks. Has it ever happened to you that when something is such a rage you instantly run in the opposite direction?

Finally after many failed plans and ditch attempts we managed to squeeze in some time between work and dinner. As I sat there allowing her boozy vocals wash over me I realised why people went nuts over this tiny woman with dramatic eye make up and weird bouffant. Her lazy scat, words melting effortlessly into a careless melody, it was fantastic! If I closed my eyes I could smell the cigerettes, stale alcohol and sweaty bars. Her voice is almost ambient, it surrounds you and takes you places.

Of course listening to it on record on a stuffy evening in Goa only made it that much more romantic. Listening to the entire record, no fast forwarding or choosing tracks  is something I haven't done in ages. Frank has been on loop for a while now and I can easily say that it is one of my favourite albums.

Attached are two tracks, the first is my favourite, Moody's mood for love and since the record man introduced me to this, his favourite; Fuck me pumps.

Honestly? Download the album, find some nice wine, a little loving and a balcony. Let the evening, music, booze and passion flow. I intend to try this as well.


  1. Dude #1 -- Fuck me pumps
    #2 -- In my bed
    'nuff said.

    And yeah youre right, I hadnt heard an album end to end on loop in months till I relived this. It just plays on so effortlessly that I cant help but let it go and just do its thing without meddling..

    Must do wine scenes soon.

  2. Awesome. It's been quite a while now that frank plays eeveryday org sides of the record andand I'm sure she'd be kinda curious up there saying who's the damn freak.

  3. Ah you couldn't have said it better.. She's that kind of a barsy, gutsy sexy ambience personified with just the right amount of jaded cynicism thrown in. Thanks for putting her back on my map.. and am definitely following your suggestion very very soon ;)

  4. Fuck Me Pumps is my new favorite song. Ive heard it thrice already and I only found it 15 mins ago thanks to your blog. You and your music make me swoon :)


    1. Why thank you lovely...we must meet and do all that wall art sometime soon:) ah and how you make me swoon...when am I going to get that blog banner by the way?!