Monday, August 3, 2009


Avial is a Malayalam rock band formed in 2003. After the huge response to their first single Nada Nada they released
Avial- The Debut in 2008. Of course it was a sensational hit in kerala but they soon moved outwards to other places in India.

I think their music is great. Its got a whole combination of genres along with really strong malayali vocals. Who would have thought?

Karukara is my favourite song. I love the vocals and its really strong bass track. Unfortunately when i heard them live it wasn't half as good but i'm sure they'll get there. Whats also interesting about this song is all its sections. There are so many parts so it never really gets boring. I find something new every time i listen to it and that's what makes a good song!

I'm sorry but the video has something random happening in the first and last 10 seconds please ignore it!

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