Monday, August 3, 2009


I think everyone went through a nirvana phase when they were young. Of course all my adoration came to a grinding halt when i realised that most of their songs were ripped off. Whatever said and done they were still an integral part of my angsty teenage years.

I totally forgot about the band when suddenly Premjit introduced me to a Tori Amos version of smells like teen spirit. At first I just didnt want to go anywhere close to listening to it out of some sort of nostalgic devotion but when I actually got around to doing it, well my apologies to nirvana but she nailed this one. She is haunting and seductive and everything Kurt isn't. There is so much criticism about this but I suggest you try listening to it with an open mind.
He also introduced me to a whole load of other rather fantastic versions but i'll save those for another time!

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