Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goa living/loving

When moving to Goa one must realise that certain aspects of ones life are best handled drunk. 

Living in a place that is on one long holiday can be hard especially when you are attempting to be productive. It struck me over dinner with Haathi that living here requires any new comer to be at peace with certain things; Not only does this make life a whole lot easier it also does wonders for anger management.

  1. Nothing in Goa is open on sunday. Any shopping must be done during the week.
  2. Lunch breaks are from 1pm to 4pm, any self respecting Goan will close at 7pm sharp for drinks and dinner. This includes pharmacies.
  3. There is only one plumber in Goa that actually fixes things on time, his name is Arvind. Leave a comment if you need a number.
  4. Laundry will take 2-3 weeks for them to realise it exists after which if you're lucky it should take a few days more.
  5. You will soon realise that being mad at a Goan is next to impossible. Shouting is met with a glassy eyed grin(incredibly cute) or a bewildered look that seems to say 'I can't believe you actually thought we would deliver in time'. It is best in times like these to find the nearest local bar and wallow until you calm down.
  6. Local Goan food can only be found in the most obscure of places, since I now have Goan friends I will post great places to eat as and when they are discovered.
  7. Give up trying to be vegetarian, food here is fantastic embrace it.
  8. Make it a point to visit the beach over the weekends. Living in Goa knowing you're not far from sand and sea can make    you lazy. 
  9. You don't get broadband here unless you are willing to brave bsnl. Catch up on your reading perhaps?
  10. Liquor stores are open nearly all night, it is pretty much the best answer when distressed, cranky, upset, bleeding or just bored. 
  11. Buy a good music system, it can do wonders for your soul.
  12. You could look at living here in two ways. You could either be frustrated or simply entertained.On choosing the latter you will find that it is actually a fabulous place to live.
A few days spent away and I realised I miss this small defunct state. It's good to be back.

p.s: Has it ever happened to you when something becomes ridiculously popular and you had no idea until you saw the four page spread in the rolling stone? The black keys are a two man power house of raw blues energy. Its so great to listen to something so rugged and well unscrubbed. They also happen to have the song for the occasion. Black keys with everlasting light.


  1. Uff, I wonder why you took so long with this SAXXXX'd out song!

  2. You just "friended" me on The Challenge ( letter-a-day). I need your snail mail address . Please send to jandjross@cox.net. Thanks. JakePa

  3. you finally commented! I'm proud! Isn't it gorgeous the rest of the album is pretty sexy too

  4. of course address coming this instant

  5. I'm on the fence about moving to Goa for a few months. Stuff like this is helping me take a decision!


  6. I lived in Goa for 3 years, living in Goa, sounds pretty much still the same :) And definitely music does save your soul. Include more long walks not just by the beach but through those neighborhoods spotting old houses, it's amazing - the things you can spot while doing that. If it is too hot to walk, just take the bike :))

    1. thanks for this! Have been doing a lot of that lately!

  7. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog while casting for a television series. Are you still based in Goa and would you possibly like to share your story for a TV series?
    Thank you,

  8. Can I have Arvind plumbers number please? I m sameer ... sameermalik.goa@gmail.com