Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last week wife sent me a link to challenge. It involves writing a letter a day for the month of feb. It all seemed very exciting until I got home and began actually writing. 

In school we were made to write a letter a week to our parents. I remember those sundays when I sat at my desk with my colour pencils and bits of craft paper writing and illustrating long letters about my not so fascinating 7th grade life. It was fabulous! I would draw my friends, floor plans of my new hostel, write about about music, classes, food, plays, boys and just about every aspect of my little life.

Receiving them was another story all together, Wife and I would run back after lunch hoping for a letter. Sifting through the mail as if our lives depended on it. My fathers letters were works of art. He would draw out all the interesting people he met and places he went to. The margins were filled with little cartoons of all the interesting things he did. My mother's were just beautifully written, she would write about family, life concerts and just about anything that came to mind. It almost felt as if I was having a conversation with her.

Of course there were tons of letters from friends and family all over the world. They would send photographs, stickers, comic strips and just about anything you could stuff into an envelope. I remember cleaning out my cupboard and finding literally hundreds of letters packed into a paper bag. Sitting on the floor of my empty room I spent hours re reading, touching, laughing, crying and smelling all these memories from my six years at boarding school. 

When I sat down over the weekend I looked around and realised I was beyond repair. I had no paper, no idea where to procure stamps and of course no envelopes. Determined to make this work i pulled out some drawing sheets, made my own envelope and wrote out of a notebook. You realise that even though you talk to someone every day when you begin to write things just seem to flow. Two hectic and rather stressful days later I managed to find the Panjim post office. 
I'm a few days late but to make up for it I have posted my first five letters in what seems like a decade.
Hopefully someone might even reply?

P.s. Twinkle(after much deliberation we have agreed that this the best name for my roommate)introduced me to Manjah over our domestic weekend together. I've been looking for a new fix and well, here he is with 'don't joke with a real pro.' My monday responsibility of putting up something that gets you through the day has also been addressed. enjoy!

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