Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of bizarre relationships and old school loving

"Your light's reflected now, reflected from afar
we were but stones, your light's made us stars"

I'm saying this in full knowledge of the fact that I will now be considered a flake but in every cliche lies some amount of truth. 
Love is in the air.

Its been a whirlwind year of tearful ends, shady beginnings and well old school romances. I remember my first high school romance. Dating wasn't allowed so we had to make do with passing chits and leaving letters in each others desks. We would sneak off into the bushes and spend hours uncomfortably perched on rocks and talk about life, books, dreams etc. When I finally took the initiative to hug him he ran away and well that was that.

Of course the rather pathetic end to that story is not how this year is shaping up. Shkaplan and I have already turned into little old ladies that share juicy gossip over tea and its fabulous! Here's to love found, attraction that cannot be explained and Steamy romantical weekends in exotic locations. 

Before I turn this blog into a gossip column(It will make for an extremely interesting one mind you) I will leave you with an all time favourite. Light years by pearl jam. It isn't the happiest song but it does seem to fit. I am forever in debt Sargam. 


  1. For me, this will always be a song of bizarre love too. It reminds me of the times when handwritten letters were the only proof of one's existence, and though sound rarely managed to catch up with those lyrics etched on paper, it still managed to make music.