Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jamie lidell

A friend I like to call boo is ecstatic today. She's been bouncing all day, someone is finally coming home. Mid bounce she asked for a happy song so here it is.

I first heard 'A little bit of feel good' sung by a band called 'Something a la mode'. Its one of those songs I listen to when I need that little push 'to get me through my day'. It's a great song and I don't know anyone i've played to who hasn't started smiling. The only bad thing about it was that just when you began to feel it the song stops. It is just too short!

When I tried searching for the song on youtube I found this version by Jamie Lidell. It's just fantastic! It is also long enough for that feel good to creep in all the way. Thankfully this video is just great(completely ridiculous and a little morbid,giggle)

Here's to you boo
'please don't make my feel good go away'

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