Sunday, December 12, 2010

Me'shell NdegeOcello and lemunty

I follow Lemunty religiously and today i found that she put up an article on neo soul a little while ago and the artists she's been discovering(click the link for the article, it has a great playlist attached to the end as well) 

 The artist that caught my eye however was Me'shell NdegeOcello. A little less than a month back a friend I like to call starfish introduced me to her. We were talking about all the music he sent me when I was younger and then realised that he hadn't included Me'shell. After a lot of "I can't believe this" and "you're lying! of course I introduced you to her"
he pulled out an old cd and put it on. Her husky sensuous voice filled the little room, I found myself closing my eyes and letting the music take over. It was hot, sexy, and covered in honey. Her raw energy transports you to places inside you that you never knew existed. I could go on forever so I'm going to stop and say that she is fantastic so take some time off and listen.

Starfish was online while I wrote this so we tried to come up with some of her songs to put up. The list grew to encompass nearly everything she's sung(which is a little hard to put on a blog) so here's the edited version. They aren't favourites but I can't seem to find a lot of her music on youtube. My apologies. This first song "come smoke my herb", however is what got me hooked.

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  1. I love her! For years I only listened to that one song ('Bitter'). I'm glad I started listening to her other stuff as well. I follow you religously too1