Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Broken Social Scene

I mentioned this band in my earlier post and when I looked back I realised that I haven't mentioned this song before. I've forgotten who introduced me to it but I went through a rather serious phase where I played it almost obsessively.

Anthem for a 17 year old is a simple song. I don't know if its the quality of her voice or the tune but something about it got me hooked and I have been ever since. It is a little strange however that I haven't actually made an effort to listen to any of their other songs(something I intend to do now)

I'm sorry about the video though it does not do the song any justice. In second year of college we did a film course where we had a five shot exercise to do. Two friends and I decided to use this song as our soundtrack; After trawling through all the nonsense on youtube I think our film might actually be the best of the lot(sorry, but I'm extremely proud of it.) It is somewhere on top in the crap video category. I am going to ask if I can put it up but until then:enjoy!

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