Monday, June 4, 2012

Growing up

Making grown up decisions are hard. It's almost as if taking that step towards that post paid connection or application for a credit card will take you that much further from the mud you would rather have your feet in. Once you do though things get comfortable, and comfortable needn't always be good.

I'm lying in bed listening to the rain trying to make one of the biggest and most unsettling decisions of my life and all I can think about is the raincoat I should have bought. 

For every big decision one must have the right kind of music and since I am approaching this momentous paradigm shift in my life from every angle except head on I have resorted to Listening to Kimbra. Now before you scoff and pass her off as pop/Gotye sellout you have to give these tracks a chance. 

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon her but this eclectic, skinny woman from New Zealand is a powerhouse. Her complicated rhythm and left of center harmonies make listening to her music so much fun. Every time I listen to her I always find that something slipped the last time its almost like a challenge now. Yes, she dresses a little like Katy Perry and yes, some of her music is upbeat and well "pop" but when you hear her live, really listen you know that she is a force to be reckoned with.

For risk of moving into total star wars mode I will stop now and let you decide for yourself. The first track is my favourite by far. Kimbra presents Settle Down live at SXSW 2012. Just her and an awfully fancy vocal loopy thing(at some point in my life I will find out what it's called I promise). It blows my mind every time!

p.s. note the striped pants, fabulous yes?

Second, another live version of her song Plain gold ring off her album vows. I'm not sure how I feel about the album version but this live track is just fantastic. 


  1. Its actually an application. She uses an iPad application called Soundprism, an envelope of built-in sounds and waveforms that give you a ‘visual trackpad’ that allow you to trigger sounds from your laptop’s sequencer, plugin, or VST. It supports Core MIDI or USB.

    Awesome song tho! Love her!

  2. That sounds phenomenal I must try this! thanks a bunch!