Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I hear about this frog

You know sometimes for all the vast amount of cribbing I do I feel like I don’t deserve to find a song like this.

On the way to work today while I cribbed about hair fall haathi looked out of the window and said, “God I love Goa.”

Yes, the fields are now lakes, the sea is mucky brown but Goa is awake, its clean, fresh and beautiful. I thought about it a little and realized that I know no one that gets to ride through a forest and cross a river to get to work.

M83  presents Raconte-Moi Une Histoire. Ignore the video, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics.


  1. Its really funny for me to be doing this.. but i think at one point, i had found your phone in mumbai! :)

    I kept searching and tumbled onto your website...

    1. oh my god! A sony ericsson? I honestly dont know if I should believe this! How on earth did you find me?