Monday, June 18, 2012


The rain has finally stopped and for the first time in three days i got a glimpse of the sun. The last few days felt awful and somewhere along the line the universe heard me out and is giving us a well deserved break. 

The people I love are all facing a rough time and its just so annoying to not be there physically. Yes, this is the digital age but you can't hug someone or stroke someones back through a crummy computer screen. Sometimes things dont work as planned and most times you put your own twist on it based on your surroundings; for example an office in a basement with no light and a plastic sheet to keep the rain out. But every so often the sun forces its way through the clouds and you suck it up, tell yourself to a grow a pair and trudge on.

I'm not a fan of Underground House but when someone like Maya Jane Coles comes along I can't resist. She keeps me going so here are two of my favourites. The first is a remix of a Lianne La Havas song lost and found. Mellow with a great build up its perfect to zone out to. 

The second is a track called Humming Bird. Up beat, fun and somehow never actually boring. Her more musical approach to the world of underground house is what makes it more accessible to me I suppose.

Maya Jane Coles, enjoy!

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