Monday, June 11, 2012


"Dude, I can't stand the rain."

My first response to the Goa monsoon conversation met with waves of laughter and pointing in my direction. Nothing could ever prepare me for it. 

Its been only a week and my pillows are damp, every surface in my apartment is covered in wet clothes and tiny frogs have decided to make a home in my balcony/pond. Haathi very sweetly reminds me how it will only get worse and there will be weeks where it won't cease. So before my brain is waterlogged and I blend in to the swamp that will soon be my apartment I have decided to cram as much music into this blog as humanly possible.

Of course now that I've gotten the drama out of my system I have to admit that I have never seen Goa this beautiful. The forest road I take to work has been washed clean and I have never in all my life seen so many shades of green before. The misty drizzle is like wearing rose tinted glasses, everything looks alive, fresh and clean. The tourists have gone home and where I stay now finally feels like a regular town.

The vibe to life has changed, and with a change in vibe comes a shift in what I listen to. The latest discovery being Chet Faker (Nick Murphy). This 22 year old from Australia got famous doing a cover of the song No diggity by Blackstreet that went viral online but the song that I first stumbled upon was one of 
his own.

He likes to call his genre Motown meets minimalist house and though I'm not too sure what it actually means though when I think about it, it seems like they appropriate way to describe it. If you are into Alexi Murdoch, smooth jazz and Jose Gonzales you will like him. 

Isn't it just amazing when you stumble upon music when the mood is set and the time is right? Chet Faker presents terms and conditions, enjoy


  1. Chet Faker is amazing! I'm glad you too have discovered him :)

  2. It's your fault I didnt know of him earlier...this is an issue

  3. hey lovely song... and I'm glad you're finally seeing the bright side of having dull weather...