Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful Tango

I've figured out that there are certain advantages to having a flat tire. For instance you get to take a motorcycle taxi back home. It was the first time this whole monsoon that I got to really appreciate how beautiful Goa gets. Riding past the open fields and quaint bungalows I realised that Goa hasn't really moved since the 40's. Yes, there is the north but since I live closer to Panjim things seem like they've been caught in a time warp. 

Trawling through the soulkitchen archives I chanced upon Hindi Zahra a franco-moroccan singer with that perfect old school vibe. Sitting in one of the balconies at Venite looking out through the fairy lights onto the narrow street I knew that I had finally found my Goa song. 
Hindi Zahra presents Beautiful Tango:

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