Friday, July 27, 2012


Does everyone have this feelings sometimes where they want to, for no logical reason sit on the floor and throw a tantrum of epic proportions? It doesn't matter if you did the exercise or if you spent the day out with fabulous company all you want to do is sit around and yell at no one in particular. 

Since I am not four anymore and getting away with these fits is harder I managed to find a playlist on 8tracks that suits the mood. Four songs in and I can feel the fit dissipate around me. It may sound a teensy bit weird but the music seems to throw my fit for me and calm me down all in the same session. Thank god for the daily jet!

28 tracks from bands like Gramatik, Pretty lights and Nujabes(you can see the tracklist here) lead to the perfect selection of chill/dubstep to make that awful feeling go away. 

Audio Adderall by The Daily Jet. Enjoy!

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