Wednesday, July 25, 2012

irresponsible decisions

So I did it.
I quit a perfectly acceptable job to join music school. The good thing is I have passed the shock phase, the bad thing however is that I am now in the 'what the fuck were you thinking?' phase.

When I look back at all that I have dabbled in nothing made me happier than when Anhad, Thejasvi and I sat out under the trees and made music together.

I'm back in the balcony where not so long ago Anhad took out his guitar and we spent the evening mucking around and making music. I know its probably one of the more foolish decisions I've made but I'm happy and right now something tells me thats all that matters.

So here it is, something I haven't ever done before. Todays song is something Anhad and I made up on one of our many jam sessions. I found a rough recording in an old hard disk and hopefully someone enjoys it! Maybe someday we will actually sing this again, write lyrics down and make it an actual song but until then this is it in all its rough edged glory.


  1. Mona, how you're killing it like this man :D This sounds totally awesome, good on your guitar playing friend as well, really good sound...

    Just remember, Warning sign, i'll be around somewhere in the front row :)

  2. Hahaha why thanks Ranjan! Will make you a t shirt promise!