Saturday, July 28, 2012

save it for another day

“How are we so optimistic, so careful Not to trip and yet Do trip, and then get up and    say O.K.”
-Maira Kalman-
Sometimes thats all someone needs to know to shake it off and keep walking, but like every simple life changing quote its so much easier said than done. 
What I will do though is put off my brooding and all mind numbing decisions for another day. The weather is gorgeous and the day ahead will be too. 
Days like these call for Oscar + Martin. I'm not sure where I heard them first but this Indie pop group almost always hits the spot for me. Like the more forward thinking lot of their time they unabashedly slap together a whole range of different sounds and yet never really stray from the genre. Their first album For You is a great listen just because each song has a different sound. Surprisingly it all comes together at the end. So here it is, your catchy, left of center fix for today: Recognise by Oscar + Martin. Enjoy!

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