Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Have you ever woken up feeling like the world is a just a little out of focus?

Oversleeping is possibly the worst possible habit. You wake up feeling groggy and spend the entire day dreaming about your bed. It doesn't help if your blanket is possibly the most comfortable thing in the world and you just changed your sheets. 

I got to work today in desperate need of some sort of inspiration, everything seemed off center and odd. Just as I felt like all was lost Haathi shared a video with me. 
Sometimes, that's all it takes. 

Zero 7 and Jose Gonzales are both bands that require you to be in a specific frame of mind. My mind instantly wanders to rain, thunderstorms and windy days, this one however has something different about it. I know I'm constantly telling people to listen but this video is what brings the song home for me. Its some sort of semi disgusting optical twist that makes you want to stop but something inside you keeps you hooked up until the end. The world has now gone completely off center but that makes it just a little more interesting yes?

Zero 7 featuring Jose Gonzales present, futures. Enjoy

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