Friday, April 20, 2012

Take me Elsewhere

Birthdays are sordid days, your facebook wall explodes, your phone starts ringing and all you want to do is find a hole and stick your head in it. Every one around you is beaming with happiness while you sit around and notice all the lines on your face and all the crap you've put your body through. Somehow every birthday I've had has been an awful series of unfortunate events. By the end of it I feel that it would probably be best if I left for someplace obscure and burnt my passport. Which is why most of my friends have decided that birthday celebrations are best held before or after.

Shkaplan, Holmes, Flower and I decided that this post birthday weekend would be held at a place known only as, elsewhere.It's funny how even living in Goa doesn't stop this burning urge to escape and by just the name of this place you know you are going to taste just a teensy bit of heaven. 

We arrived at night and crossed a bridge into what felt like neverland. Of course the true beauty of the place only hit me when I woke up walked out of our beautiful old bed and opened the doors to the ocean. Shkaplan and I had coffee on our porch(yes, our porch) after which we proceeded to have a fabulous breakfast with the others under a banyan tree. The old houses stood out against the grass, the sound of the sea in the background only confirmed that I was obviously dreaming.

I think its safe to say that all of us felt as if we were in a different world. The weekend was magical, good food, great company and a few random volleyball sessions are just what you need. Of course Holmes and I have now decided to sell all our assets and move into one of the old Goan houses for as long as it will buy us for this is honestly how everyone should live.

As we crossed the bridge back to reality, dogs and a stuffy car I couldn't help but feel a little bit of my heart had stayed back. Take me back, take me elsewhere.

Of monsters and men presents-little talks. This is a video worth watching. enjoy

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