Sunday, April 22, 2012

The last rant

What are you passionate about?

 Is probably the most troubling question anyone could ask me. In all honesty I have absolutely no idea, I wish I could say pretty much everything but that doesn't get anyone anywhere. I took this weekend off to sort out my head but that has proved to be a daunting task. Somewhere in the middle of washing dishes and bouncing to kanye west I lost the plot and proceeded to switch my brain off entirely. Of course I am now paying for it dearly by wallowing in self pity and general sappiness.

Spending time with yourself can be as counter productive as it is productive. You can either be organised about it or you could end up going on an emotional rampage with yourself. Bits of the latter are always necessary but not to the point where you blend into your bed and settle into a good and comfy sulk.

What I did end up doing though was to give myself a time limit. Since I am now at the age where I can be foolish and impulsive I have decided to give everything a go; who knows maybe three years down the line I will realise that my true calling lies in the Congo researching a species of beetle.Whatever it is I have two years to do it. Hopefully all my new and exciting endeavors will make for a more exciting read. My rant will soon end I promise!

I haven't actually checked the watch listen tell site in a while and as I was looking for the song to attach to this post I stumbled upon this; Daughter presents their acoustic version of medicine. Its funny how music that suites your mood sort of appears when your not even looking. close your eyes and well, be overcome.

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