Monday, January 16, 2012

"Be Stupid"

Have you ever had this urge to get up in a fancy restaurant and do something silly? 

Shkaplan and I had a fabulous lunch at Busaba in Mumbai recently and somewhere between the
pleasantries and talking in hushed tones he decided to show me this very bizarre music video. I am 100% sure that this is what lead to the Bob Marley sing off a few hours later.(at another fancy restaurant mind you)

Die Antwoord are "a fresh, futuristik, flame-throw-flow-freeking, zef rap-rave krew from da dark dangerous depths of africa." If you are into M.I.A you will love this band. They are obscene, awkward and downright strange but there is some twisted little part of my brain that wants to keep listening!

I would however advise you not to watch this video at a fancy restaurant. Watch out for Yolandi Visser with her scrawny form and sparkly eye paint. She is by far the strangest, hottest most captivating weirdo I have ever seen! 

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