Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The little things

Waking up feeling like the world is at your feet is easy, getting through the rest of the day isn't.

I woke up yesterday feeling like I could take on the world. It wasn't until I stepped into a cold shower, stubbed my toe, pushed my bike up a hill missed the ferry and dropped my sandwich that I realised something was very wrong. What was worse?
It was only 8 o clock in the morning.

Things began to accumulate and by nine at night I was a blithering,hysterical mess. Of course the little things merged into my larger problems and after a brief moment of existential angst I realised that the only logical thing to do was to wait for midnight so hopefully the next day would be better to work. I learned three things:

Being superstitious leads only to lack of sleep and a mild case of acidity.

If you ever feel a tantrum coming get someone close to you to slap you. It helps in the long run.

Buy a washing machine. Washing your own clothes solves nothing

Today isn't much better than the last but one will eventually have to grow up and grow a pair.
Besides, rage is best released through music. This time I found solace in Little Dragon. 
After the rain is a little manic but its perfect when you're in weird headspace. The video is fabulous(like most little dragon videos)

For when the storm has run its course and you are looking to calm down. Stormy weather, again by Little Dragon. Enjoy

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  1. Ohh LOWE little dragon..
    my ultimate favourite song: http://youtu.be/Q0FX4HF7eng