Monday, January 23, 2012


I came to work distracted. It almost always happens when very close to what might be a fabulous holiday. 
Riding along the sea listening to Stacey kent and her lazy vocals waft through my helmet I realised I've been drifting from all the Nu Jazz I spent so much time collecting and not actually listening to. 

Today in attempt to concentrate I dug out and old MTV chillout session album. It was all going extremely well until I hit upon a foreign beggars remix of If I Don't by Amp Fiddler featuring Corrine Bailey Rae. Listening to this song is like sitting on the beach watching a woman dance barefoot. Her body glistening with sweat, her hips swinging almost lazily to nothing in particular. Its heady, its cheeky and it is not something you should listen to while at work.

My ipod is the devil I am now lost to the song.

"If I don't think about you I'll be sad
 If I don't stop thinking about you I'll be mad"

P.S. The rest of this album has a fantastic collection of music, if you like what you're listening to go ahead and download the rest its worth it!


  1. Brilliant song, a great way to start the day (thankfully today doesn't call for much concentration on my side!)

  2. Loved it!! do u have the rest of the album?? or can u send me a link?? Thanx!!