Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of long lost friends and stuck scooters

Keeping in touch with people has never been my strong point. I'd like to think its because i get distracted easily but I feel like that is something I tell myself to feel better.

I met Zombie in Chennai a few years ago at a music fest in Chennai. It was here that I realised that I have an almost illogical bias to people who like the same music as I do. 
Needless to say we hit it off instantly. 

It was on one of these sultry evenings that he introduced me to Bonobo. I had successfully managed to ride gitlers scooter into a particularly sandy bit of beach and after a good sweaty hour of pushing and cursing my fate I called the two of them to help. Forty five excruciating minutes later we ended up walking along the beach to cool our heels.

Knowing I was rattled and not in the best of moods Zombie pulled his phone out and played me flutter. The air around me came alive. I began noticing the details in the sand, the surf making patterns around my feet, the heat, the smells. It was as if my brain shifted into third gear. 

We fell out of touch and drifted off into the humdrum of our lives. Brief meetings and a few phone calls was as far as we went. Almost four years later I wake up to a video on my wall. 
Bonobo featuring Speech Debelle in the Sun will rise.

In this new city, the heat rippling off the glass and steel, the music wafted through the silence. 
It felt like home.

Thanks Zombie


  1. Thank you Mana! Insane combination of diverse musical influences. Typical Bonobo!

  2. So Bonobo-ish.
    Love the track. Makes you feel like a calm wave.